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Rotary First Harvest Volunteers
October 25, 2008


University District Food Bank Van Arrives
The van which the club helped purchase has arrived, and is awaiting our club's logo.

Sand Point Community
2008 Block Party

Thanks to Co-Chairs
Teri St. Onge &
Karen Camandona

Steve Barton, Tom Teel
& Pat Zeisler

Magnolia Road
Magnolia Road Web Page
Thanks to Tom Ranken 

Committee Heads:
Steve Barton, Ken Malloch, Colleen Johnson, Tom Ranken

The Band: Magnolia Road


2008 Burke Gillman
Trail Cleanup

Peter Barry
Organizer in Chief


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Thanks From Ronald McDonald House
For Food Drive

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Sand Point Block Party 2007

Another successful community service event thanks to everyone who participated, and especially Karen Camandona and Teri St. Onge, co-chairs and John Goddard, community service czar.

Hello all,

What a wonderful group of folks you are!!  Residents, staff and I had so much fun last Saturday and it really is all thanks to you.  Thank you for all of your hard work in making this year’s Block Party such a wonderful success.  You are obviously great motivators as well, because there were so many Rotary members there helping out and having fun.  It was great to see that much participation from both ends.

On behalf of everyone out here, Thank you!!!
I’ll be in touch with all of you soon, Take care,
Kira Zylstra
Sand Point Housing Liaison



Burke Gilman Trail Cleanup 2007



Presidents Work Too

Crew Boss

Rotary First Harvest Volunteers
Sand Point Computer Training

Click here to see thank you card from SandPoint

Tashana Kolanowski & Lee Raaen prepare for class. Not pictured, John Goddard and Ron Espiritu.

Raising Community Service Funds Through Poinsettia Sales


Blue Truck Thursday
Club Serves Dinner at Ronald McDonald House: October 2006


University Sunrise Club
Volunteers at Rotary First Harvest (after breakfast of course):

October 2006


Turkey Baskets 2005:
Serving hundreds on Thanksgiving
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Rotary International Community Service Day -
Burke Gillman Trail Cleanup
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2006 Sandpoint Transitional Housing Block Party
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Sharing and Caring Tree
Organizing and staffing a Christmas tree at the University Village Shopping Center. This rewarding project involves gathering and distributing presents to needy children in the Seattle area. This project is undertaken with the help of Scout Troop 186. (Does anyone have any current photos?)

Sharing & Caring Tree Thank You Letters
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Letter of Thanks          Thank You Card From Sand Point

Weibel Plans Power Grab

Word has it that Paul Weibel is planning on a early seizure of the power of the club presidency after the mysterious disappearance of Steve Barton from the line of succession. Not want to risk an audit, the webguy congratulates and thanks Paul for his upcoming presidency!

Mr. Poinsettia (Ben Porter) Delivers Again!

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University Sunrise Sponsors
Christmas Party
for Disabled Children
In João Pessoa, Brazil
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Steve & Helen (Claus) Barton
Host Christmas Party

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Community Service: October 2005!!!

US Rotary Serves Dinner At Ronald McDonald House

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Check out some beautiful Rotary computer desktop wallpapers to download courtesy of District 3230 (India) here and here.

Interested in seeing the full page Rotary ad from the NY Times including a feature on Ezra Teshome of the Univ. Club? Click here. (You may want to use the magnifier tool in Acrobat to enlarge.)

“Remember that great missions are serious undertakings. Do not expect to perform great missions in a day.”
Paul Harris, The Rotarian September 1912




Welcome to Dr. Keane Lai
Our Newest Member

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University Sunrise First Harvest Volunteers

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