University Sunrise International Grant

The University Sunrise Rotary Club provided $500 toward a University Rotary Club project for a new school in Dien Trung Hamlet, a rural remote village located outside of Danang City in central Viet Nam

The following photos are of the new school: including the name plaque on the front wall acknowledged the donors from Rotary clubs from four districts, matched with funds from Kids Without Borders and VNHelp:
Rotary Club of Schaumburg-Hoffman Estates
Rotary Club of Spring Valley (New York).
Rotary Club of Mt. Vernon (Washington).


From District 5030 (Washington):
- Rotary Club of Kent Sunrise.
- Rotary Club of University Sunrise.
- Rotary Club of Queen Anne.
- Rotary Club of University District.
On November 2, the area in Dien Trung was evacuated in anticipation of the incoming Super Typhoon (which just passed the Philippines and killed many people and destroyed homes and businesses on several islands) and the group of Rotarians and Friends in the Rotary HumaniTour was not able to visit the school. At the time, the school was only 85% completed, and the delay of the school construction was caused by the damages from the major typhoon landed directly in Danang in early October 2006.
Son Michael Pham of the University Club is very happy to report that the school is now completed and the dedication ceremony is scheduled on December 17, 2006.

(click on photo to enlarge)

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