Bob Donegan, CEO of Ivar’s

Bob Donegan with Hal Beals
Bob Donegan with Hal Beals

The ramifications of the $15 minimum wage are beyond what many may know. Herewith is a trip through the subject as put forth by our September 29th speaker, Bob Donegan, CEO of Ivar’s:

  • What wage to start at–immediate or phase in?
  • Over what period to phase in?
  • What is included in income, i.e., tips, bonuses, health care benefits?
  • Determined by size of organization or the sector?
  • How is law to be enforced?

Principles agreed upon:

  • All employees to be treated the same
  • All compensation that appears on W-2 has to be included
  • The training phase for high school graduates, ex-convicts, and immigrants begins with a phase-in wage to work up to $15/hour.
  • If an employer has more than 500 personnel, this business is a large employer, which must get to the wage in 3 years. If health care insurance is included, 4 years. Tips must be included in the case of small employers.

The question arises as to whether to increase revenue by adding a service charge or raising item prices? The solutions range from one of these to another in various restaurants. The Ivar’s sites will go to $15 over 3 years…If a service charge occurs, it must be shown on the menu what it is and where it is to go. If a price rise is made, this is not necessary. No tips are expected at Ivar’s. But 40% of patrons leave tips, over and above the price rise. Parity between the out-front workers and the kitchen staff has had to be achieved.
The results to date:

  • –People have bought fewer items.
  • –Customer accounts and sales are down.
  • –90% of employers raised wages.
  • –62% of employers raised prices.
  • –30% laid off workers.
  • –30 added a service charge.

Primary factor that has raised employment is the vigorous economy:

  • Many high rise cranes…
  • Record year for cruises
  • Hotel occupancy is over 90%
  • Unemployment is less than 3%.

Obviously, the economy is driving more changes than the minimum wage law. A city law requires that all employees must be given a notice of two weeks as to what their schedules will be. Initiatives regarding paid time off and gender equality will probably pass.

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USRC President’s Corner – August/September 2016

Hello Fellow University Sunrisers!  Jim Horrigan

I encourage you to take the time to read through my quick update on happenings in the club as we approach the end of summer.  And please be nice to Past Presidents Tim and Mike as they take the helm for the next two weeks as I vacation!

Relay for Life

Thanks to all who participated in and supported our efforts at this year’s Relay for Life on August 13th at Cal Anderson Park on Capitol Hill.  What a great way for our club to show a presence in the community, and make a difference in such an important cause.

District 5030 Picnic

This Sunday, August 28th, District 5030 is sponsoring an Old Fashioned Summer Picnic from 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM at Aubrey Davis Park on Mercer Island.  Bring a lunch (barbeques will be fired up if you want to throw something on the grill) and enjoy accoutrements and beverages courtesy of District Governor Darling and the company of fellow District 5030 Rotarians.  Details and info the District 5030 website.


We’ll continue to support TINFA in an even bigger way this year.  Many of you had the pleasure of attending our meeting with Emma Le Du, where we connected with one of the schools in Guatemala.

We have three needs and opportunities related to our TINFA relationship:

  1. Need – Connect with other clubs to partner with us for a Global Grant
  2. Need/Opportunity – Volunteer to interface with teachers in Guatemala via Skype to help familiarize them with the technology (three volunteers needed – Spanish speakers a plus)
  3. Opportunity – Consider a trip to visit the schools in Guatemala in February

In Search of 2017/2018 President Elect

We’ve asked a few who aren’t quite ready to take on the task, and we have a few more in mind to approach.  That being said, if you’re interested in the job please see me!

Debuts & Discoveries 2017 Grant Recipient

Calling all interested organizations, the time is now to submit an application to be the primary recipient of the funds from our 2017 Debuts & Discoveries event.  We only have a few submissions and the deadline is fast approaching (August 29th).


Life situations have resulted in the loss of some of our members.  Let’s refresh the ranks by thinking of just one person to bring to a breakfast meeting.  It can be a friend, colleague, business contact, or merchant that you patronize.  Our Membership Committee leaders, Colleen and Past President Tim, are here to help in any way they can.

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D G Bo Darling announces District Picnic

District Picnic One PagerDG Bo Darling, of hydroplane fame, used boat racing to exemplify the teamwork ethic which he champions. This led into his discourse on fellowship, membership, and continuity.

As he spoke, it was evident that these three are interdependent.

Fellowship takes place when we do things together, whether at meetings or events such as fireside chats, projects, and activities. As we know, fellowship events do bring people together, either locally or at the district level. Inspired by last year’s successful outing, he declares an 8/28 district picnic on Mercer Island, 10AM-3PM. It will be child-friendly; full families are invited. As to continuity, he pointed to the rising number of Interact and Rotaract Clubs throughout the District.

This continuity is an imperative. Essential to the organization, youth must be heard and regarded. Rotary addresses it. In that regard, all in the  District  will come together on 9/19 to review rules and regulations. In particular, membership criteria are to be added. Attendance requirements have been relaxed and may be changed to adapt for an individual club.

To preview the District Conference in Portland, he displayed a vertiginous video of the Rose City. To be commemorated at that time will be the 100th anniversary of  Rotary Foundation and 30 years of women in Rotary (and we’ve never been the same).

Slide1 Slide3 Slide2

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Humor-More from Dr. Hal

Dr Hal
Dr Hal
  • A manufacturer said to a storekeeper, “Thank you, Mr. Schwartz, for your patronage.
  • I wish I had twenty customers like you.”
    “Gee, it’s good to hear you talk like that, but I’m kind of surprised,” admitted Schwartz.
    “You know that I protest every bill and never pay on time.”
    The manufacturer said, “I’d still like twenty customers like you.
    The problem is, I have two hundred.”


The high school kid loved fast cars, and was thrilled to land a summer job with the local Alfa Romeo service center.
“Gee, Mr. Vespucci,” he gushed, grabbing a wrench,
“I can’t wait to learn the ins and outs of fixing up these babies.”
So he was startled when Mr. Vespucci told him to put down his tools and listen up.
“The first thing you gotta learn how to do,” he instructed the kid,
“is to open the hood, stand back, and shake your head very, very sadly.”

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A look around the room_Photos

We receive numerous photos highlighting the activities involving our meetings and members. Mostly beyond “Service above self” we support having fun. Let’s share a few photos.


Steve and Ron
Steve and Ron
Steve thinking????
Steve thinking????
Alex Hopkins, Dist. Governor elect 2017
Alex Hopkins, Dist. Governor elect 2017
Room with a view.
Room with a view.
District 5030 Honorees: Hal and Elly
District 5030 Honorees: Hal and Elly
Coach and Dave


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Quite often when asked, “What is Rotary?” it is easy to respond, “We are a Service Organization”, whatever that means. Most of us then begin to enumerate the various local and international projects or causes we support; including programs which aide and promote international understanding; and who hasn’t heard about Rotary’s commitment to the eradication of worldwide polio, or how about the various local and national literacy projects; not to exclude, local food drives, tree planting, and the promotion of Rotaract clubs which introduce and involve college students in “Service Above Self”. Most important for the success of all of these endeavors is the camaraderie.

Ellie, youth movement IMG_8062 Ken Malloch returning Backbone Photo Ops Smiles abound  IMG_8053 Scott Ski Bums Dave Storm's B'day_02042016 Sarah Cave Phill_L & B

Why are these people laughing?
Why are these people laughing?

IMG_7758 Colleen and Dan IMG_2420 IMG_6087 IMG_6018

Pamela Banks and Past President Mike Madden
Pamela Banks and Past President Mike Madden
Phill Briscoe with Jenny Martin
Phill Briscoe with Jenny Martin


Teri St. Onge, Chase Carter, Betsy Conklin, and Pam Mushen
Teri St. Onge, Chase Carter, Betsy Conklin, and Pam Mushen

RelayforLife1 IMG_5561 IMG_5555 IMG_9584 IMG_5732IMG_9542

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Remembering our Friend: Rev David Storm

Parrish PhotoFriday, March 11, 2016.

“Fellow Rotarians,
It is with a heavy heart that I send you this ….  Rev. David Storm passed earlier today and I wanted to make sure all of you knew of the passing of this great Rotarian. I am told he was his normal quick-wit self up till the end….just like a bright bulb that finally fades away at the end, just as he would have wanted.
An amazing man dedicated to the church and our rotary club, he will be incredibly missed.  As more details come out around services and other celebrations of life, I will let you know.” –Tim Lenihan, Club President

“The tributes that have come in e-mail form for David Storm cannot be exceeded in eloquence, nor can their sincerity be gainsaid. We are glad that he was honored in life and thus was able to feel the affection and respect of so many before he left us. As some may know, he held a pulpit for years in Port Angeles. At the time of the fiftieth anniversary celebration of his ordination, held in this city, the numbers of attendees were swelled by many who saw fit to travel from there to be present. Such was but one example of the esteem he engendered in the course of a fulfilled life.

Although he traumatically sustained splintering neck fractures that could have rendered him at least paralyzed, he was granted a recovery, possibly by One who decided that we might have him a bit longer.

The Rotarians and those at Merrill Gardens will miss his philosophy and good humor. He has left a hiatus in both places.”-Dr Harold Ellner

Such a wonderful man”.-John Reynolds

He was a fine man.”-Arnold Swanberg

Rev. Storm was a hero to me.”-Tom Ranken

“I did not know Rev. Storm very long but, as the daughter of an Episcopal priest, I enjoyed his invocations immensely and had some memorable chats with him over breakfast. I was so impressed by his commitment to Rotary and unblemished attendance record. What a remarkable man and great role model.”-Sarah Cave 

“Reverend Storm was a friend to all of us, ready at a moment’s notice to provide an invocation, and brought his sense of humor and joy to our Rotary meetings. He will be remembered well.-Lillian “Scotty” Ottaviano


Ordination anniversary IMG_9634 IMG_7409 17966357844_b12e88f503_o 18591167511_9ae09956d1_z Dave Storm's B'day_02042016 img103

 Rev Dave and Alan HDave and Santa_2014Rev D

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