Universtiy Sunrise Rotary Supports TINFA: Global Grant-$53,000

In early October, three schools and their communities in the Retalhuleu district of Guatemala celebrated the delivery of new computer equipment and the beginning of two years of training to bring the wealth of information and educational resources available on the internet to their classrooms. Teachers in each of these schools, Escuela Recuerdo de Perez, Escuela San Jose and Escuela Sector Aguilar, will learn to use the equipment and to access the internet to harness the resources there (“Think of being able to access the information in all the libraries of the world”) to dramatically enrich classroom instruction in each of their schools.

This enhancement, beyond the limits of teacher lectures, whiteboard exercises and well-worn textbooks, will enable teachers and their school communities to improve students’ motivation to learn and will support greater student achievement. Internet sourced materials on a wide range of subjects, math, social studies, language, music, to name a few, have been implemented in the curriculum at prior schools participating in the TINFA program and we expect much success for the three new schools as well.

The training program, equipment and internet access are being delivered by TINFA and are made possible by a grant from participating Rotary clubs, University Sunrise Rotary, Mill Creek Rotary, University District Rotary and UW Rotaract (Seattle). The clubs’ contributions were multiplied by matching funds from Rotary District 5030 and the Rotary International Foundation, bringing the total to $53,000, . The effort was assisted by Club Rotario Guatemala del Este.

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Univerisity Sunrise Rotary Supports Enactus

Univerisity Sunrise Rotary supports Enactus, a student organization that brings together a diverse network of college students, academic professionals and industry leaders from around the world to focus on a shared mission of creating a better, more sustainable world through the positive power of entrepreneurship. Team members contribute their time and talent to projects that improve the lives of people around the globe. Each participant demonstrates that individuals who are armed with information, a passion for people and business know-how can be real agents for change.

Powerful life lessons are attained outside of the classroom because Enactus tackles projects that are tied to real targets with the help of real professionals. The outcome of each project can change the lives of Enactus students and the lives of the project’s beneficiaries in real and substantial ways.

Enactus is an international non-profit organization that brings together student, academic and business leaders who are committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to improve the quality of life and standard of living for people in need. Enactus comprises of 1600 universities in 36 different countries with over 66,500 students that holds competitions awarding universities prizes for their social entrepreneurial project outcomes.

University Sunrise donated $500 to promote Enactus students developing a green energy stove. Our Green Energy Stove’s differentiating factor is in its clean stove power generators. The power generators in the stove generate electricity during cooking by converting wasted heat energy into electricity. This electricity will be used to charge and power up devices such as cell phones and lamps. Working with established partners, we want to pilot the Green Energy Center Gambia, Nigeria, Gabon, and Ethiopia with 700 units.

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August 11th, Emma Le Dû with TINFA update

IMG_8962 IMG_8954August 11th our speaker was Emma Le Dû redux and our hardiest perennial, TINFA. (Technology and Information for all).

TINFA For All_3


Her presentation encompassed Project Update and much more, to wit:

  • Connection with a Santa Cruz school (henceforth SCM)
  • The Inherent worth and dignity of every human being
  • Do no harm –Technology is a tool that serves the people who use it.
  • While we don’t know all the answers, technology will never replace teachers.

By way of illustration:

  • It is basic to evaluate teachers’ skills and students’ attitudes.
  • At the end of the process, a teacher is given a career-enhancing certificate.
  • A good connection has been made with SCM. Teachers come for skill training.
  • Photos and VCRs show students in action, specifically in art.
  • The use of equipment was shown.
  • The school director gave an oration of thanks for our support.
  • The transition from old methods to technology is well along in progress.
  • One-on-one training for students; one-on-two for teachers.
  • Teachers perform in front of other teachers; back and forth feedback
  • Model classes occur in front of children.
  • Teachers invited to go to different schools to show techniques

The TINFA Three Year Program:

  • Equipment usage and practice training
  • Advanced training and increased participation in curriculum building
  • To continue being a resource for other schools.


  • 100% teacher participation.
  • 184% improvement
  • 24% increase in children’s attitude toward education

Comment: As can be seen before our eyes, Rotary changes lives. In this case, it will extend unto generations.

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Former Rotaract President Julianne Sloane Visits

IMG_8722At our July 28, 2016 meeting, in addition to the District Governor. his spouse and the Assistant District Governor, we were graced by a visit from Past UW Rotaract President, Julianne Sloane.

After graduating from UW, Julianne was involved in establishing an ex-im business in Brazil. Then  she moved to London to join a startup called Splittable: www.splittable.co a financial services technology company. She seems to be truly enjoying exploring her career path. It was great of her to stop by while visiting family in our area. We wish her much success and hope to see her again, soon!

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Ezra Teshome: Africa and Polio Plus Update

IMG_5840 IMG_5827 IMG_5826

This Thursday, August 27th, was a laudable coincidence that compressed Past District Governor Ezra Teshome’s PolioPlus update with the ROTARIAN magazine’s front cover ultimatum to the disease.

Ezra began with a bit of history concerning this scourge–

–It has been associated with poor hygiene, ie., tainted water, sewage, and the like, since 1400 B.C.
–Rotary’s role in its eradication has been in force since 1985.
–The original commitment was for 125 countries, entailing $120 million.
–The Gates Foundation has gotten involved with large stipends.

More progress:

  • Drops, costing 20 cents per dose, have supplanted injections for which refrigeration is essential, and difficult in torrid places, requiring thermos containers…
  • Polio eradication is now down to three remaining countries…
  • Africa is on the verge of being polio-free…
  • The region is highly unstable, but Nigeria has recently been declared free of it…
  • Two more years is the estimate for Africa…The last outbreak was in a Somali refugee camp in Ethiopia…
  • As for Ethiopia, immunizations are given in a stay home or go to the center basis…
  • Somali nomads are difficult to track down, but are successfully followed…
  • Health workers operate at or near mosques with accommodating imams an asset to the vaccinators. Challenges exist in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Rumors have circulated that the workers are either CIA agents or sterilizers of women. Some workers have tragically been shot as a result.
Rotarians see other avenues of health, to wit, water purification, sanitary facilities, and immunization vs. other diseases. There can be no complacency. With continuation of the effort, some two years remain for a polio-free world. The Boko Haram, a legion of aggressors, has even been slowly coming around. The leaders have begun to accept the value of immunizations. The Gates Foundation now matches the effort with $2 for each $1 contributed.
Ezra, to everyone’s accolade and to nobody’s surprise, is set to go to Africa to administer vaccines. Godspeed.
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Technology and Information for All (TINFA)

TINFA For All_3The dedication of Emma Le Du cannot be overstated. When she speaks of Technology and Information for All (TINFA), the enthusiasm is palpable. It was gratifying to be made aware that USR’s support has done much to aid TINFA’s work.

The group practices the doctrine that every person has worth and dignity and is of value to self and others. Their work is with K-12 students in rural Mexico and Guatemala with stress on technology in the classroom. This has been shown to constitute a tool for better education. An additional four schools in Guatemala will soon be in the program.

Emma reiterated how much our support has helped, both in regard to equipment and in the mentoring of teachers in the use of computers.  A video showed not only the classes and teachers, but also the affection and appreciation for Emma, et al.

Comment: A happy amalgam of material support + motivation.

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International Service Scholarship Banquet and Auction this Saturday

Saturday, May 9th, 6pm to 9pm

International Service Scholarship Banquet and Auction and Fireworks and Unlimited Booze. Come see and support the future of our Rotary club at UW Rotaract’s annual auction and banquet. Are there actually going to be fireworks? Maybe! But really, you should come for the booze, bartended by our very own Dan Newman. For only $25, you get a dinner from Cedar’s, entertainment from this generation’s brightest and best, and your chance to hire them before anyone else does! May 9th, 6pm to 9pm.

Please see the banquet flyer.

Purchase tickets: http://goo.gl/forms/DyzB8Uz9Cu

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TINFA gets its first grant!

Because every child deserve a great education!


TIMF Graphic


We support students and teachers in under-served areas of developing countries, through the use of simple and applicable technology in the classroom.

TNFA Donation Pres.

That’s right, today, TINFA received its first grant. We are excited and grateful.  Through this generous donation of $6000 from the University Sunrise Rotary club of Seattle, TINFA will be able to provide the equipment kit and the initial training to one additional new school in Guatemala this coming year. We look forward to a long lasting and fruitful partnership with the club.

Thank you!

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“Casa de Apoio” in Porto Velho, Brazil

Apoio1As a result of our involvement in Belem, Brazil, our club was asked by the Rotary Club of Porto Velho-Rio Madeira to be its partner in helping to equip a residence for cancer patients in Porto Velho, Brazil. Porto Velho is an Amazon river town thousands of miles up the Amazon.

This project will benefit about 1000 patients each year. Our club, the club of Porto Velho-Rio Madeira, and districts 5030 and 4720 submitted an application to Rotary International for a World Community Service matching grant, and our matching grant was approved. The project provided Casa de Apoio such things as kitchen equipment, an air conditioner, drinking fountain, rocking chairs, iron, TV, stereo, and computer equipment.

The House of Support was built and is administered by the Rotary Club of Porto Velho-Rio Maderia. The average attendance is 70 people per day. In addition to lodging, they receive coffee, lunch and dinner. The pictures below are of Casa de Apoio and our Brazilian companheiros of the Rotary Club of Porto Velho-Rio Madeira. 

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