August 11th, Emma Le Dû with TINFA update

IMG_8962 IMG_8954August 11th our speaker was Emma Le Dû redux and our hardiest perennial, TINFA. (Technology and Information for all).

TINFA For All_3


Her presentation encompassed Project Update and much more, to wit:

  • Connection with a Santa Cruz school (henceforth SCM)
  • The Inherent worth and dignity of every human being
  • Do no harm –Technology is a tool that serves the people who use it.
  • While we don’t know all the answers, technology will never replace teachers.

By way of illustration:

  • It is basic to evaluate teachers’ skills and students’ attitudes.
  • At the end of the process, a teacher is given a career-enhancing certificate.
  • A good connection has been made with SCM. Teachers come for skill training.
  • Photos and VCRs show students in action, specifically in art.
  • The use of equipment was shown.
  • The school director gave an oration of thanks for our support.
  • The transition from old methods to technology is well along in progress.
  • One-on-one training for students; one-on-two for teachers.
  • Teachers perform in front of other teachers; back and forth feedback
  • Model classes occur in front of children.
  • Teachers invited to go to different schools to show techniques

The TINFA Three Year Program:

  • Equipment usage and practice training
  • Advanced training and increased participation in curriculum building
  • To continue being a resource for other schools.


  • 100% teacher participation.
  • 184% improvement
  • 24% increase in children’s attitude toward education

Comment: As can be seen before our eyes, Rotary changes lives. In this case, it will extend unto generations.

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