D G Bo Darling announces District Picnic

District Picnic One PagerDG Bo Darling, of hydroplane fame, used boat racing to exemplify the teamwork ethic which he champions. This led into his discourse on fellowship, membership, and continuity.

As he spoke, it was evident that these three are interdependent.

Fellowship takes place when we do things together, whether at meetings or events such as fireside chats, projects, and activities. As we know, fellowship events do bring people together, either locally or at the district level. Inspired by last year’s successful outing, he declares an 8/28 district picnic on Mercer Island, 10AM-3PM. It will be child-friendly; full families are invited. As to continuity, he pointed to the rising number of Interact and Rotaract Clubs throughout the District.

This continuity is an imperative. Essential to the organization, youth must be heard and regarded. Rotary addresses it. In that regard, all in the  District  will come together on 9/19 to review rules and regulations. In particular, membership criteria are to be added. Attendance requirements have been relaxed and may be changed to adapt for an individual club.

To preview the District Conference in Portland, he displayed a vertiginous video of the Rose City. To be commemorated at that time will be the 100th anniversary of  Rotary Foundation and 30 years of women in Rotary (and we’ve never been the same).

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2016 Rotary District 5030 Conference: Friday April 29, 2016

Questions & Answers

Question: Where is the 2016 Rotary District 5030 Conference?
Answer:  The conference is in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho at the Coeur d’ Alene Resort.

The Rotary 5030 District Conference Room rates are $95-$135, depending on your choice of rooms. To make your reservations:

http://rotarydistrict5030.org/2016-district-conference/ or call: 1-844-896-5641

Question: How do you get there and how long does it take?
Answer:  Coeur d’ Alene is about 40 miles east of Spokane, just across the Washington/Idaho border.

  • From Seattle, drive east on Interstate 90 for 310 miles. Allow 5 hours travel time, or more if leaving during a high traffic time.
  • From Spokane International Airport, it is about 40 miles east on Interstate 90.
  • Amtrak also runs from Seattle to Spokane.

Question: Why should I go?
Answer:  Fellowship and Inspiration. Engage with Rotary through education sessions ​about Rotary’s work including that within our District at fellow clubs. Have fun and get to know your Rotary and Rotarians better in a beautiful setting.

Question: When Should I arrive?
Answer: The first Conference event for general attendance is 2 p.m. on Friday April 29, 2016.

Question: When is the Conference over?
Answer:  The last scheduled Conference event is over at noon on Sunday May 1, 2016.

Question: Is there group transportation planned to get there?
Answer:  You are welcome to arrange your own group. Currently the District is not organizing transportation.

Question: Are there any scholarships available to attend?
Answer:  Currently the District does not offer any scholarships for attending the Conference. Please review the registration options below.

  • Rotarian Full Registration $325
  • Rotarian Guest Registration (meals only) $300
  • Rotaract Full Registration $199

Question: What if I can only come for one day?
Answer:  You are welcome to attend the Conference for only one day. However, the registration price is the same whether you attend for a day or stay for the entire Conference.

Question: I want to save money. Can you pair me up with someone else to share a double room?
Answer: You are welcome to reach out to other Rotarians in your network. The District is not organizing room arrangements.

Question: What will the weather be like in Coeur d’Alene in May?
Answer: Temperatures are typically in the mid-60’s with mixed sun and rain – spring weather in the northwest!

Question: What kind of clothes will I need?
Answer: Business casual. You are welcome to bring dressier attire for the banquet, but business casual is acceptable.

Question: Will we have free time?
Answer: Yes. There will be some optional group activities in the evening. Once finalized, the official conference schedule will be published to all District 5030 Rotarians.

Question: There is no early bird rate, so why should I register now?
Answer:  As a nonprofit service organization, Rotary tries to keep costs economical and a good value for all conference attendees. The District does offer a discounted rate ($199) to encourage Rotaract (young Rotarians) to attend.

Registering now will help you reserve the time on your calendar, and will help the District to recruit dynamic speakers, and encourage the fullest attendance possible, which make for a more robust conference for all. Once registered, you can leverage maximum enjoyment of the experience by encouraging your own club members to attend with you.

Question: What is the last date I can register?
Answer: For planning purposes, the District encourages you to register no later than April 8, 2016.

Question: Can I bring my spouse/partner?
Answer: Certainly. Spouses and partners are indeed welcome to attend sessions even if they are not a Rotary member.

Question: Can I bring my family?
Answer: Certainly, though only registered conference attendees may attend District Conference sessions.

Question: Are there activities planned for kids?
Answer: The District is not planning any family activities. However, you’ll find kid-friendly activities abundant, and we suggest you consult the resort or concierge to make your arrangements.

Question: How many people usually attend the conference?
Answer: 400+ Rotarians typically attend the District Conference each year.

Question: Is the Rotary discounted room rate ($95-$135 depending on room choice) available for extra days before and after the Conference?
Answer:  Yes. You will be given the Conference room rate for 3 nights before and 3 nights after the April 29-May 1, 2016 Conference.

To make your reservation: http://rotarydistrict5030.org/2016-district-conference/ or call: 1-844-896-5641

Question: Will there be Wi-Fi available?
Answer: Yes. The resort offers Wi-Fi and there is also Wi-Fi in the conference center.

Question: What is there to do in and around Coeur d’ Alene?
Answer: Take to lake Coeur d’ Alene for boating, jetskiing or wakeboarding. Enjoy a scenic sunset or dinner cruise. For more information, visit the resort website http://www.cdaresort.com/ or the Coeur d’ Alene Convention and Visitors Bureau website http://coeurdalene.org/ .

Question: What if I register now, but then need to cancel closer to the date of the Conference?
Answer:  The cancellation policy is as follows:

Rotary District 5030 will accept cancellation requests until March 31, 2016, after which fees will no longer be refundable. All cancellation requests must be submitted in writing. Email cancellation requests to: conference2016@rotary5030.org

Registrations are transferable until March 31, 2016.

Question: Can you give me a preview of Conference break-out sessions and Conference speakers for next year?
Answer:  Sure!

2016 District Conference Break-out Sessions

Have you ever wondered…

  • What great ideas are out there, besides an auction, for fundraising?
  • What’s the latest idea in social media we could use to promote our club?
  • How do we make our weekly meetings fun and energetic?
  • Who has some proven strategies for keeping your membership strong?
  • We are a small/medium/large club, what’s happening for clubs our size?
  • I want to get a Rotary grant, what are some lessons learned to help me?

All of these questions and more will be answered at the 2016 District Conference! We have speakers and sessions lined up to share trends, creative ideas, lessons learned and so much more!

2016 District Conference Key Note Speakers

Marilyn Fitzgerald is an inspirational speaker with a pragmatic approach toward sustainability that motivates others to ask the critical question of “How can we best invest our time, talent, and treasure in a way that best provides opportunity to others?” Marilyn is committed to the promotion of empowerment leading to prosperity and resilience, rather than continuing with the actions that create dependency.

When it comes to Rotary, Mitty Chang is practically a lifer – and he’s only 26. Chang joined Interact 10 years ago in Fremont, Calif., where almost a quarter of the 2,000 students at his high school were Interactors. He went on to organize two Rotaract clubs. Now an entrepreneur who works with small businesses and nonprofits to build their online identity and brand, he plans to become a Rotarian within the next few years. “I expect to have a long life in Rotary,” he says. Adapted from a story in the March 2015 issue of The Rotarian

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