David Ellingson, Outdoorsman

Having kayaked the Mississippi from its origin to Memphis, David Ellingson, outdoorsman extraordinaire, was not satiated. This ultimately enabled him to narrate and colorfully illustrate his journey through the Erie Canal in NY and down the Hudson to New York Harbor. He got as close to the Statue of Liberty as the law allowed.

In this aquatic odyssey, he took us through locks, under bridges, and places of rest. We also, got a glimpse of the fauna and flora, as well as geologic formations, i.e., the Palisades, that passed in review before his eyes and camera.

The presence and numbers of River Angels, those hospitable and of help to him, was heartening. They gave of their time, substance, and shelter to strangers in transit. One feels that such kindness is in the majority, despite those that the media hold before us as otherwise.

Unspoken but communicated was the courage involved in this endeavor. There is rough water, the presence of fatigue, fog, and the debt that muscles must pay for the constant need to paddle a frail craft safely.

Comment: While the many may float a loan, it is the few that float alone.

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