American Cancer Society

On February 9th. David Leon of the American Cancer Society and Kara Fortney, Senior Manager of Relay for Life held the floor.

As to the disease, statistics show that it cannot be ignored. It was cited that one in three females and one in two males will face it in some form in their lifetimes. The ACS, in its mission to lead the fight for a world without cancer, espouses these principles:

  • To increase colorectal cancer screening rates to 80% by 2018.
  • To reduce lung cancer age-adjusted mortality by 50% in a decade.
  • Ensure that nobody dies due to non-access to care.
  • Eliminating HPV-related cancers
  • Equalizing outcomes for all facing breast cancer.
  • Ensure that all cancer survivors can access care.
  • Enable communities to fight cancer by addressing the true determinant of health.

They averred that the above, plus the cost of research, is expensive. Donations are vital in this work. The dollars are put to work in Washington via.

  • Care and empathy, to wit, information lines, rides to and from treatment, navigation of patients through the healthcare system, management of treatment side effects, free or reduced cost lodging.
  • Courage, to wit, funding to reduce the unequal burden of cancer, visits to, grants to help low-income patients to receive screening.
  • Determination, to wit, rallying communities and creating partnerships to help save lives.
  • Innovation, to wit finding cancer’s causes and cures.

Relay for Life

This is an opportunity to gather with people in the community in order to raise funds and awareness. Globally, it is the largest fundraising event.  It is a way of celebrating the survivors and to remember those lost. It will take place at Cal Anderson Park on Saturday, 8/12, from 10AM to 6PM. The various competitions and awards have been described. Entertainment and speakers are scheduled. Last year, there were 21 teams, 119 participants, and $34,657.63 raised. This year there will be a Bark-for-Life event, honoring the canine caregivers.  Survivors will receive a shirt and a medal.



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