Brett Halverstott: Randell Mills and the Search for Hydrino Energy

Tom, Brett Halverstott, Pres. Jim

Are we on the threshold of an affordable energy source that spares the environment, that has applications wherever energy is needed, and that is fueled by water? Brett Halverstott, our speaker, thinks so.

Brett in his book, Randell Mills and the Search for Hydrino Energy, closely follows the researches of Randall Mills. After 25 years of experimentation Mills has devised a compact, non-nuclear reactor, which generates Hydrino energy. The principle underlying the process makes use of the fact that the closer a hydrogen electron gets to the nuclear proton, the hydrogen atom shrinks. This in turn generates the release of energy. This is known as the hydrino atom, which behaves differently than a standard H atom.

The laboratory outside of Princeton, has attracted many scientists and investors. By 2013, explosive reactions began to be generated. This has been modified to produce continuous, sustained, controlled explosive reactions. Within the structure occurs the generation of heat, a mini-sun, surrounded by solar panels. A 250-kilowatt generator is the result. This can replace an electric grid. The long-term cost diminishes, in that the H is obtained from water. No carbon reaches the atmosphere. Excess H is diffused into space.

It could be the answer to climate change. Not a few have bet on it.

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