Christy Goff: Carb Conumdrum


Christy Goff, of PACMED, returned to us, this time in the capacity of dietician/nutritionist.
Her talk delivered many “pearls”, the major ones being:



  • Of all food elements, carbohydrates deliver the most energy.
  • They are broken down to glucose, to be stored in the cells, largely in the liver.
  • It is insulin that causes such storage, regulating circulating glucose normally at 70-100 mg/ml.
  • The good carbs are in unprocessed foods which are nutrient-dense and high in fiber.
  • Bad carbs are in processed foods, which are low in nutrients and high in calories, e.g., fruit juices.
  • Exemplary diets contain whole grains (oatmeal, breads, salads, brown rice, and protein whole fruits).
  • Several low carb diets were discussed, each containing fiber and protein).
  • Reducing diets at tines produce ketones which are detrimental to brain and kidneys.
  • Most of the reducing diets eventually fail due to a yield to the craving for carbohydrates.
  • Some simplistic advice: “Eat not too much food, and mostly plants”, “Eat less from the box and more from the earth.”

Comment: One who overeats one’s tasty carbs/Is oft exposed to verbal barbs.

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