David Allen, McKinstray Construction

Seattle’s degree of growth and development is directly proportional to David Allen’s enthusiasm thereof. A scion of the McKinstray Family, he has done much to further the company’s fortunes.
Seattle leads the nation in growth and is at the convergence of an astounding array of top businesses, entertainment, education, shipping, aerospace, philanthropy, transportation, and a ferry system. He foresees the boom to extend into the ’20s and ’30s. It has encompassed WA, OR, and BC.

What engendered this state of things? He dates it to the era of Expo in the early ’60s. Leaders bearing the names, or affiliated with them, met with a vision. They included such as Weyerhaeuser, Nordstrom, Boeing, and the many others, all with an average age of 40.6. They laid the framework of clusters of industries, Indeed, several are spinoffs of original businesses. The work is still in progress.
68 cranes is the current count in the building sector. Each represents $10M to $15M. Overall sectors include Government, Civil, and Private.
Latter-day innovations are in Cyber Security, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence.  In every sense of the idiom, things are looking up.

Comment: Jobs abound. As has been averred, we must fill them with local manpower, else there will be dependence on outside talent. The pressing assignment is to keep the supply of local trainees current. Moreover, in this climate of prosperity, work needs to be done for benefit of the working poor,  those priced out of dwellings and—lest we forget—the homeless.

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