Dr. Stanley Stamm and Children’s Hospital

President Tim Lenihan and Dr. Stamm
President Tim Lenihan and Dr. Stamm

Our speaker February 4th was Dr. Stanley Stamm, pioneer in cardiology at Children’s Hospital. He gave a concise history of the specialty at that institution. He participated in its growth to its present state, a mecca for sick children from points near and distant. There is now a large staff of pediatric cardiologists in place, as well as three fulltime cardiac surgeons. They are steadily at work. Their success record in heart surgery, particularly transplants, is exemplary.


He also mentioned the summer camp that bears his name, which he originated years ago. Located near Mr. Rainier, it provides a week of recreation for sick children, inclusive of the seriously ill. They enjoy swimming, horseback transport, games, and do their own skits. Dr. Stamm mentions that, even in cases of children on respirators, horseback rides are provided. Special needs such as diabetes are carefully planned in advance. The endeavor requires volunteers who must do strenuous work. The children are monitored on at least a 3-1 ratio. Some 200 volunteers regularly attend.

Dr. Stamm, although retired, remains active at Children’s, attending a few meetings a week. Quite obviously, his voice is heard and respected. Residencies and fellowships are integral parts of the teaching program.

Comment: Many of those at Children’s as well as numerous teachers and practitioners locally and around the country are Dr. Stamm’s trainees. This confers on him an immortality in his own time and beyond. His residents not only experienced his teaching, but accompanied him in runs, swimming, skiing, and probably more. Anecdotes in numbers resulted from this. Finally, could there be a better place to consider allocating some funds than Dr. Stamm’s camp?

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