Matt George the Mussel-man


Mussel Adhesion



Matt George, the avid mussel-man
Is doing more than most men can,
Upon the margin of the sea
To earn a surefire PhD.
The principle he has in view
Is how the mussel forms its glue.
It binds with such tenacity,
It may have use in surgery.
In low pH and low Oh-two,
The process may slow down,’tis true–
Especially when by degrees,
These factors fall on future seas.
And since the mussel forms fine food,
We think starfishes more than rude:
“Tis shellfish of them, far from right,
To so indulge their appetite.
But mussels more than merely mate–
They wildly proliferate.
The net(?) result: they thus abound
To breed enough to go around.
Upon them, thus, the world shall dine
As other food fish fast decline.  [Poem by Dr. Hal]

In Summary: We must hustle the bustle to harvest the mussel; The world stands prepared, the mussel to guzzle.

Matt_MusselsHanging by a thread


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