Stephen E Murphy, “On The Edge: An Odyssey”

An interesting lesson in self-publishing was given by the well-traveled Stephen Murphy, author of “On The Edge: An Odyssey”. His odyssey through the process, the expenses, the legwork, the rejections, and the cost of mistakes, establishes him as one who can persist through a daunting climate. From the time of his inspiration to set down his memoirs of his travels to his current book signings, he learned:

  1. If you do not have a prominent name, publishers are loath to accept,
  2. Amazon is the place for publisher-rejected authors
  3. Unanticipated expenses arise from Amazon, a book coach, and changes of font (plus a few others).
  4. It is easy to be too wordy; paring down is no easy task.

He promises that each chapter is a turning point. While the opus is autobiographical, it is inspirational. It appears that the reader can expect to be introduced to many places and people. Those who shall have read it may wish to confirm these observations.

On The Edge: An Odyssey is available from Amazon

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