John Dobken of Energy Northwest: Nuclear is good

Prior to his talk, we asked John Dobken of Energy Northwest if his talk would be convoluted and hard to summarize. His reply was, “Just keep in mind: Nuclear is good.” Then he proceeded to explain why it is so.




And here is why:

  • Wind is a variable and at times is quiescent. In fact, most of it is in the Columbia Gorge.
  • Time is running out in re carbon emissions and the resultant carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
  • Solar energy is also hard to harvest in times of scant sunlight.
  • De-carbonization is essential as regards automobiles.
  • Nuclear is our largest source of energy. It is independent of the weather; produces zero greenhouse gases; used fuel is safely stored and can be recycled.
  • To cut back on coal, nuclear and hydraulic power sources will suffice.
  • More people are being born and will require the energy that uranium fission can provide. 3000 kilowatts = the good life.
  • China, with great pollution due to coal dependence, is building nuclear plants.
  • Nuclear plants run 92% of the time and can run for years.
  • The wartime sludge burden at Hanford should not be confused with the storable uranium pellets used for fuel.
  • Nuclear plants, water and air cooled, cannot melt down.
  • Nuclear plants can pair with wind farms, both bring carbon-free.
  • It is the safest.
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