District Governer John Enger Visits


In his sweep through the district’s clubs, DG John Enger alit chez nous.

His address began with the exhortation that a 30 year old club should do something celebratory. He then celebrated the Beals administration by presenting the Presidential Citation for the good events on Hal’s watch. 

His other remarks included: A question to Nancy about the Frog Award…Merrill to take on the web site…An occurrence in Kenya showing how a selfless gesture by a boy changed his life through education…The Candle is an instrument to unite and connect the district’s clubs…A pitch for attendance at the Tulalip District Conference, 5/15-5/17…Rotary’s President’s encouragement for family members to join the clubs…Foundation’s thanks for our contribution. $600K was raised in the district, putting us fifth. We came in at $306 per member…North American Rotaries has had a net loss of 51,000 members per year. He urges keeping members engaged, contacting absentees, and giving jobs to RINOs.

Mike, for his part, had words to utter and slides to show. He named officers, committees, and the current activities of each. He reported 12 new members last year; UW Rotaract; the newsletter; The great programs and activities, to wit: Block Party…Books for the World…Dictionaries to the third graders…El Centro de la Raza…Food Bank…Holiday Lighting (and more)…Urban Rest Stop…Food Lifeline…Rotaract Food Harvest.
To come: Tree-planting…Continued holiday lighting…Debuts and Discoveries (and the story of its explosive evolution)…U District Food Bank….Priorities include:  Debuts and Discoveries; an international service project; and a monthly community service event.


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