Virginia Emery: What are you eating?

IMG_8096Our April 24th speaker was entomologist Virginia Emery an advocate for insects. Her farm contains them in abundance.

She avers:

  • Insects comprise half the animal species on earth, with beetles predominating in many forms.
  • They perform important services which concern food, a proper ecosystem, water, and air.
  • They kill other insects.
  • Termites break down dead material and recycle nutrients,
  • Mealworms biodegrade styrofoam, which can be converted to animal feed.
  • Leaf cutter ants turn leaves into fungus, which they then eat.
  • They are social just like us.
  • Army ants eat everything, while cooperating with each other in intricate ways.
  • Ants and other insects communicate with each other by means of pheromones,
  • The dance language of honeybees direct others to the best flowers for pollination.
  • We depend on bees, which are endangered. To replace what they do in the US would cost $29 billion; worldwide $173 billion. Without them, we would lack the food we enjoy.
  • Flies are important in their effect on composting, their recycling causing a buildup of nutrients.
  • Insects are food, and are eaten in many places.
  • They are the next super food, being a source of protein.
  • Food waste is a large problem. 1/3 of all food is wasted.

Her company, Beta Hatch, converts organic waste into animal feed fertilizer.

Comment:  A compelling discourse. But somehow we cannot help but wish that Noah had not admitted those two flies and two mosquitoes onto the Ark.  

Cricket flour bar
Cricket flour bar


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