Chris Rivera, Chairman of the Council of State Biosciences Associations

With Washington outstanding in many endeavors, Chris Rivera, Chairman of the Council of State Biosciences Associations, gave us a view into yet another. His organization has given rise to more than 200 companies in the biosciences field. Life sciences, aka human health care, is a burgeoning enterprise, with Washington already its global leader.

His address, plus video, provided a kaleidoscope of industries, products, and procedures already in place in the state, or in the process of development, i.e.,Perkins-Cole…defibrillation…bone marrow transplant…Immunex…Amgen…Hutchinson/UW/WSU…Abbott…Lilly…Global Health Fund…Phillips…Arthritis Foundation…Samsung, NEA, and many more.

Beginning in 2009, the mission of the biotechnology industry is to save lives and secondarily to create jobs and improve the economy. Some impressive numbers were given regarding the funding of the industry and the number of employees in all aspects of biotechnology. Aid to CEOs in building businesses is accorded. To this end, capital is raised by investments including the venture capital of “angels”. There are some 100 start-ups per year. Pro bono mentors guide new entrepreneurs.

Comment: A happy marriage of aiding the sick and the economy simultaneously—and not a bad field in which to build careers.

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