Technology and Information for All (TINFA)

TINFA For All_3The dedication of Emma Le Du cannot be overstated. When she speaks of Technology and Information for All (TINFA), the enthusiasm is palpable. It was gratifying to be made aware that USR’s support has done much to aid TINFA’s work.

The group practices the doctrine that every person has worth and dignity and is of value to self and others. Their work is with K-12 students in rural Mexico and Guatemala with stress on technology in the classroom. This has been shown to constitute a tool for better education. An additional four schools in Guatemala will soon be in the program.

Emma reiterated how much our support has helped, both in regard to equipment and in the mentoring of teachers in the use of computers.  A video showed not only the classes and teachers, but also the affection and appreciation for Emma, et al.

Comment: A happy amalgam of material support + motivation.

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